Quantum Generation® Space Based QVote™ & QGiD™

We are creating the world's most trusted and secure quantum-proof autonomous digital ballot box and digital iD with QUBIT Blockchain®.

Next Generation Voting & Digital iD Services

In every democracy, the security of an election is a matter of national security.  Anyone with physical access to such machine can sabotage the machine, thereby affecting all votes cast as seen in the 2020 Election.  QUBIT Blockchain® technology a quantum proof distributed, autonomous, immutable, incontrovertible, public ledger. 


Only identified QGiD users who have
the correct rights can access the service. All participants’ actions are automatically verified by a quantum proof smart contract and recorded anonymously to selected state and registry. 


The anonymity of voting is enabled by Quantum Cryptography with Quantum Key Distribution  (QKD). A user’s choice is hidden, with confidence their vote has been counted. The organizer sees only the final results.


QUBIT Blockchain® provides a secure immutable platform with QKD End To End verification without a centralized authority required to count votes. It enables real-time verification of the authenticity of votes.

The 2020 election cycle demonstrated the challenge our antiquated system is has presented. With Voter fraud, we are all in jeopardy of losing our freedoms. Citizens, republican and democratic state election officials, states themselves, candidates, federal agencies without exception have a stake in a successful elections. The principle of one person, one vote in a private, secure system, is among the highest values enshrined in our any nation's democracy.


The voting mechanism rules out tampering or replacement of data at any stage of the process. A smart contract prevents unauthorized users from voting. Results are QUBIT Blockchain® protected.


All data pertaining to voting results is stored in a space Based quantum proof decentralized process. The consistency of data is enabled by a consent quantum proof algorithm that allows voters to immutable truth.

Simple UI

The system’s interface enables timely receipt of notifications for voting, transparent interaction with the QUBIT Blockchain®, and the secure immutable dissemination  on the voting outcomes.

Every day people have to make important decisions
that should remain secret.

QUBIT Blockchain Self-Sovereign Identity in a Globalized World: Credentials-Based Quantum Proof Identity Systems as a Driver for  Economic Inclusion. 

Global Reset

Quantum Generation™ ecosystem is offsetting the threat of big tech, bad actors ! 2021 Global Reset Looms in voting, banking, social media, and communications. You have seen censorship, financial restricting, and government control. We are securing our freedom and privacy so are votes count!

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